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Wilkerson Farm, Cows, and Dana Smotherman Turkey Momma

"Unto the Past is born the Future."
 — An Unknown Anasazi (Ancient One)

Our Story

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About Smotherman Farms, Ltd

Smotherman Farms, Ltd. is a Texas limited liability partnership established in 2002 between Ken and Dana Smotherman and Ken's father, Ken, Sr. The company was formed to purchase and operate two commercial turkey farms from Cargill, Inc. In September of 2013, after the partnership's obligation to the local bank was satisfied, Ken Jr. and his wife Dana acquired full interest and ownership of Smotherman Farms, Ltd. and its general partner, Smotherman Family Holdings, LLC

Since 2002, the original commercial poultry operation consisted of a brood farm with separate finishing houses located on adjacent tracts of land totaling 148 acres, the Sedberry Farm (a brooding facility having 2 500'x50' and 550'x50' barns), and the Sulak Farm (a grow-out facility comprised of 4 600'x50' barns).

In January of 2016, Ken and Dana acquired ownership of a third farm that had been previously leased from
Cargill Turkey Production, LLC since 2005. Prior to the purchase, the Wilkerson Farm, as it was known, was a grow-only facility that was dependent on another contract grower/brooder to supply 6-week-old turkey poultry for finishing at the facility. Once the sale was completed, Ken and Dana renovated the grow-only farm to a "whole life cycle" farm. With the renovation, a new era had begun, and the facility was renamed the Woape Farm (pronounced Why-O-pee'). It is located 8 miles from the other farms and has 120,000 square feet of barn space. Each barn has 12,000 square feet when brooding and opens to become 30,000 square feet for finishing, totaling 120,000 square feet of finishing production capability.