SINCE 2002

Wilkerson Farm, Cows, and Dana Smotherman Turkey Momma

"Unto the Past is born the Future."
 — An Unknown Anasazi (Ancient One)

Industry Recognition

At Smotherman Farms, Ltd., we are proud to be widely recognized in the industry for our dedication to environmental excellence. Call today if you wish to learn more about Smotherman Farms, Ltd.'s industry recognition.

National Multi-Brand Marketing Campaign

In 2014, Cargill Value-Added Meats, the parent entity of Cargill Turkey Production-Waco Complex, contracted with Barkley Advertising of Kansas City, MO, to develop a national advertising campaign. Cargill desired to establish an identity that encompassed all of their Value-Added brands under a common theme. The Barkley team proposed highlighting the "family farmer" as the foundation of all Cargill's brands. Once the idea had executive approval, several Barkley creative teams set out on a nationwide search for a "farmer's story" that would project the image they wanted to build their brand identity on.

The story of Ken and Dana's path into farming was selected out of 700 independent Cargill growers to be featured in their first national marketing campaign. In October of 2014, a video production unit taped audio/video of the Smothermans and subsequently produced several video commercials. The advertisements appeared on Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, The Food Network, PlaceCast, and various social media outlets, such as Facebook. The ads were also used on various consumer-oriented websites focusing on cooking and home lifestyles. These included sites such as Better Homes & Garden, Better Cooking, and all of the Cargill Value-Added Meats brand-specific social media sites.

In addition to video production, still photography taken was developed into print media marketing campaigns used in magazines such as Better Homes & Garden, Woman's Day, newspapers nationwide, and internal publications within the Cargill family of corporate operations to name a few. Several times the marketing team flew Dana to appear as a special guest hostess for conventions and trade shows, where she represented the "Family Farms of Cargill.

Texas Family Business of the Year Award

In 2014, Smotherman Farms, Ltd. was nominated for the Texas Family Business of the Year Award.

Texas Family Farm Environmental Excellence Program

In July of 2017, Smotherman Farms was selected as the first place winner of the Texas State Family Farm Environmental Excellence Program. The award was presented at the annual Texas Poultry Federation Awards banquet in San Antonio at their annual meeting. The award was in recognition of the Woape Turkey Farm. This was the second time a Smotherman Farms operation had been selected for this award. In 2006, the Texas Poultry Federation had recognized the Sedberry and Sulak Farms with a First Place selection for the Family Farm Environmental Excellence award.