SINCE 2002

Wilkerson Farm, Cows, and Dana Smotherman Turkey Momma

"Unto the Past is born the Future."
 — An Unknown Anasazi (Ancient One)

Our Community Involvement

Call today if you wish to learn more about Smotherman Farms, Ltd.'s community involvement. We are happy to help promote environmental excellence throughout the West, TX, area.

The Community

Our local community of 2807 people is called West (not be confused with the geographical region — most residents will have no question if you say "West 'comma' Texas.") West has a very active youth sports program, with the West Little league having over 600 kids annually playing baseball each spring. Likewise, the youth football program is popular in the fall. Smotherman Farms is proud to field both a little league team and a football team each year. Even though we have no market share to increase or any retail benefit from general advertising, we believe that these sponsorships have been a positive way to help the community understand who and what Smotherman Farms is and does.

As neighbors, we believe that it is extremely important to be an asset to the community around our farms. We work very hard to keep our fence lines clear and weed-free, our signage neat with lights at night, and our grassy areas around the farm neatly mowed. Because we take pride in our presence here, it always brings a smile and an extra 'hitch to our step' to hear the praises from visitors — and especially our neighbors commenting on our farms' appearance.

Involving Our Youth and More

Sedberry Farm, our brooder farm, is the only yellow page listing under "Farm." Thus, we receive calls each year from local schools and childcare facilities requesting field-trips to our location. We are more than happy to arrange a tour of our farms, assuming the children's and the poultries' ages are appropriate. We have also used the local high school Agricultural classes when possible for general maintenance projects and repair work. This relationship allows the students access to real-world, hands-on experience to complement their coursework in agriculture.

Over the years, we have hired students from the agriculture-vocational education program from our nearby high schools. One student was able to work full-time and another only part-time. Each was exposed to all aspects of our turkey production facilities, as well as ranch-hand duties. Their progress was reported to the program director, and school credit was given to the students. Additionally, a half-way house operated by a local church's outreach program is located approximately 1 mile from our farm. Whenever we need temporary labor, we try to utilize the men from this facility.