SINCE 2002

Wilkerson Farm, Cows, and Dana Smotherman Turkey Momma

"Unto the Past is born the Future."
 — An Unknown Anasazi (Ancient One)

Grow-Out Facilities and More

Ken and Beau Smotherman

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Life on the Farms

Ken Smotherman Jr., his wife Dana and son Beau live onsite at the Sulak Farm. They manage the operations at all three farms, with the assistance of two full-time employees and one part-time employee. Smotherman Farms provides on-farm housing for our full-time employees and their families at each location, ensuring that our turkeys are given the best possible attention and care.

Ken oversees the general operation and manages the grow-out facilities and other agri-business such as cattle and hay production. Dana manages the brooder operations for the Sedberry-Sulak complex, as well as brooding at the new Woape Farm. She also has taken on the responsibility of "brooding" our cattle by monitoring our herd's calving. Periodically she will come racing across a pasture with a newborn calf in distress slung over her lap with Beau, at the helm of the John Deere Gator.

Continuous Production

Smotherman Farms turkey production facilities have been in continuous production as independent contract growers of Cargill, Inc. and Cargill Turkey Production, LLC, since 2002. The Woape Farm has been in production since 2005 as a leased facility and since 2016 as the newest operation under the Smotherman Farms flag.

In addition to, and in support of, its turkey operations, Smotherman Farms utilizes its 440+/- acres (through responsible management practices) for cattle and hay production as well as wildlife and fisheries management. Smotherman Farms has always maintained proper records to support annually audited Water Quality and Nutrient Management Plans for each of its facilities.

Farm Habitat