SINCE 2002

Wilkerson Farm, Cows, and Dana Smotherman Turkey Momma

"Unto the Past is born the Future."
 — An Unknown Anasazi (Ancient One)

Environmental Excellence is Our Priority

It has always been our dedication to wisely utilize our natural resources to produce the highest quality turkeys possible. To us, this means applying natural resources in a responsible manner, preventing unnecessary waste and favoring the use of sustainable resources where ever possible. It is our job and responsibility to protect and preserve the resources entrusted to us, for our children and their children after them. This is a charge that we take very seriously. If you wish to learn more about Smotherman Farms, Ltd.'s environmental record, call today!

Conservation and Wildlife Enhancement Techniques

• Rotational Grazing: (Sulak Farm) • Brush Control: (Woape Farm) • Migratory Bird Habitats: (Woape Farm) • White-Tail Deer and Other Wildlife